March 2019 Monthly Income Streams Reports

I rebuilt my month cushion. Also got 3 paychecks which help. Plus our hockey team made the playoffs.

This is my monthly check in with my five year financial plan. If you followed me for a while now feel free to skip the next few paragraphs.

So a while ago now I made a financial plan. Basically, my goal is to build multiple streams of income of which some are passive. If you want all the details of it to check out the post about my five year financial plan.

Why do I publicly post my monthly check-ins?

So often we see and hear about people reaching their goals after they reach them. Even if these people are being 100% honest they still have the benefit of hindsight. Of knowing how things worked out.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your story that way. But sometimes by sharing our stories this way we minimize the rough patches.

Reaching goals can be hard, it takes a lot of work. Things don’t also work out the way you want them to. It can be hard in times like those to think long term.

That why I share my monthly check-ins as they happen. Because I don’t know how things will work out. If I were to recap this after I reach my goals I could probably wrap it up into a neat and tidy story.

That not going to happen today. And that why I post these publicly so you can see exactly what it takes to reach long term financial goals.

What happened the past month?

If you read my last monthly checkup you might have remembered February was a busy month. And I thought March would be the month to get things back to normal. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way.

At some point, I sorta look up from everything I was doing and was like it almost the end of the month already. So much for this being the catch-up month it been just as busy.

I’ve been busy at work. Also ended up travelling a few days for work.

Outside of work I been busy with personal stuff. Like cheering on our local hockey team who made the playoffs. (And then got eliminated on the 7th game of the 1st round.)

I’ve also been doing this new thing on Saturdays. It called don’t use my computer in the afternoon. And spending times with my little sister instead of behind a screen.

Did I hit my goals this past month?

I’m just gonna go ahead and say yes here because I’m a month ahead again.

I did get 3 paychecks this month. I get paid every other Friday which means I occasionally get 3 paychecks in one month. But having that extra paycheck meant I could live of 1 paycheck and send the rest to next month budget.

My income streams

Paycheck 91.89%

I got three paychecks this month. Which I loved. Probably wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals without that extra paycheck.

Expense Claim 5.96%

I travel for work in February. Also, travel for work this past month so you see this again on next month income stream report.

Cleaning 1.97%

I clean an office weekly. It a great source of extra cash that can go straight towards my goals.

Bank Interest 0.16%

My bank interest was last as usual. Though every since I got a new higher interest saving account this number has been up by quite a bit.

What did I do wrong this past month?

I did overspend with the hockey games.

Our local hockey team isn’t the best they don’t usually make playoffs. So at their home rink something else was booked during the playoffs. They had to move into a smaller rink that seat 1/5 of the people of the other rink.

I knew about the rink change as they wrapping up their regular season. And I though hey I won’t be able to see playoffs should see their last regular season games. Which I did. Then I was also able to see one of their playoffs games. It was amazing and they kicked ass.

This month wasn’t the easiest as I had to try to live on less then usual as I built up my cushion for next month. Because it was a tighter month I was kinda mean towards myself.

I felt bad for spending to much. And I would feel bad for only saving. I don’t want to be a miser after all.

Went though that cycle a few times. Though I didn’t spend more money then I had. And I reach my goal.

How will I improve next month?

First of all next month, I’ll have my cushion back and hockey is over so I don’t need to worry about those two things.

I would like to get better at being nicer to myself with the way I’m handling money. I need to give myself grace.

Some ways I’m going to try to give myself grace is by having breathing room. Last month budget was tight and I didn’t have room for errors I could make things easier for this month.

Also, I don’t want to let my mistakes define me. For a while whenever I made a mistake I would say this isn’t my identity, it means that I’m growing and learning new things. Which was so helpful as I could skip self loathing and go straight into dealing with the problem.

How can you apply this to your goals?

Give yourself grace. Be nice to yourself. Don’t let your mistakes define you.

But seriously when you mess up remind yourself this isn’t your identity. All it means is that you are trying new things and learning from them.

Be kind stop beating yourself up over minor things.

You don’t get what you don’t ask for so today I’m asking for you to share my March 2019 Monthly Income Streams Report by pinning the image below. Thanks!

March 2019 Monthly income Streams Report