Personalized Budget

Budgets are great. I love them. Yet most people hate them.

Lots of people think budgets are restrictive. Or that budgets require lots of work. Those statements are only kinda true.

You can make your budget to be restrictive. You can make a budget that needs a lot of maintenance. But you get to choose what kind of budget you want to make.

I can’t give you a magic budget template today that will make you the best budgeter ever. But I can make things easier for you.

Most things work better when they fit with your life. The same holds true for budgets. If you personalize your budget to fit your life it will work a lot better.

When I first started budgeting I made all the recommended categories. I wouldn’t use half of them but hey that what you gotta do.

I had lots of things in my budget that I didn’t use. And things that didn’t work. That held me back.

I wanted to get better but I kept dealing with the same things over and over again. And that sucks. I hated failing at the same thing every month.

Then I realized I made this budget. I can change this budget. I can do whatever I want with it.

The things that were making my budget fail were things I could change them, get rid of them if they didn’t fit my life. And let me tell you guys when I started to embrace budgeting for the life I had, things got so much easier.

I gave all money goals their own category cause I find it motivating to see how close I am with each individual goal.

I stop separating out all my household, grocery miscellaneous purchases. They never seem to fit into any one category so I made a big category to throw them all into.

When I wanted to be generous more generous with the people around me, I set up every day giving category.

All those things worked for me. It might not work for you. But you know what will work for you building a budget that fits your life.

You can budget in whatever way you like. You can change things. You can redo things if they aren’t working out as you want them too.

It’s your budget that you are building for your life. So lets budget.

Start today. Stop making excuses. And go build a budget that fits your life.

If you’re looking for a little more guidance with building your personalized budget sign up for my budget course below. It’s a five day e-mail course that will walk you through setting up a budget.


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Why you need a personalized budget