10 Ways To Improve Your Finances Today

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When it comes to money management lots of things you can do to improve takes a while before you see results. That can get discouraging.

That why today I have ten things you can do right now to improve your finances. And the best part is most of them will give you immediate results.

Sign up with E-Bates for online shopping

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Another benefit of E-Bates is their coupon codes. They often have good deals in that section and you don’t want to miss out.

E-Bates is simple to set up and they make it easy for you to find stores you shop at. They have a browser extension you can install that makes things simple.

When shopping online it will pop up and with how much cashback you could be earning. All you have to do is click the link to activate it.

The best part of E-Bates is that you will start getting cash back and save money immediately. You don’t have to change your shopping habits for it to work.

So what are you waiting for sign up for E-Bates today.

Don’t save credit cards in your browser

This might not seem like a big deal to you. After all, what does it matter if you save your credit card info or have to enter it every time?

But having them saved in your browser makes it easier to shop. Instead of having to stand up find your credit card and come back all you have to do is press a button.

And if you have to stand up and find your credit card each time it will make you more conscious of your spending.

So make it a little harder and make online shopping take a little longer. Remind yourself that you are spending your money here.

If you have credit cards saved in your browser here how you can delete them.

Cancel unused monthly subscriptions

An easy way to save money is to look at all your automatic withdrawals.

Automatically having things get paid is so easy. It also makes it easier for you to keep paying something you no longer need.

So go find your recent bank and credit cards statements. Make a list of all transactions that happen automatically. And see if you still need them all.

And then cancel the ones you no longer need or use. It will help you save more money every month.

Put recurring bills on auto pay

In the item above we saw just how easy it is to forget about things that are set on item pay. Now we are going to take that same thing having things on auto pay and use it to our benefit.

Take any recurring bills you have a phone bill, utilities or anything that you pay on a monthly basis. And set up recurring payments.

You could do that by authorizing the company to take the money straight our of your account. Or by setting up a recurring bill payment in your online banking.

Just remeber to set to take when you have money if your account. So after payday not right before it.

Find one way to reduce your spending this month

When you are new to money management and looking for ways to save money it can be overwhelming. There are lots of different ways one can save money.

So for the next month think of one thing, you will do to save more. It could be setting up a transfer to your savings account. Bring lunch to work.

Pick one thing that will help you save more and work on that. If you don’t ideas on what you can do check out my post 5 ways to save more.

Follow someone online that talks about money

Life is busy and no matter how good our intentions sometimes things get left behind. An easy way to keep something on your mind is to hear about it often.

Follow someone online who talks about money on a regular basis. You could sign up for their email list. Follow them on Instagram whatever works for you.

Some of my favourite people I follow at the moment includes Sarah Von Bargen from Yes and Yes and Desirae from Half Banked.

And speaking of signing up for someone email list why don’t you join mine below.

Commit to learning one thing about your finances

There are probably a few things you been putting off dealing with when it comes to your finances. And often times we do that because we don’t know how to do it.

It might be you know you should invest but don’t know how. Or maybe you want to start some sort of savings for retirement. But you don’t know what retirement plan you would be best for you.

Pick one thing with money management you are going to learn about. Then actually take the time to gain that knowledge.

You can read books. Listen to podcasts. Talk to experts. Take a course I really enjoyed Bank Boost. There are lots of ways you could learn.

Find out your net worth

Most people don’t know their net worth. Which is sad as net worth is a great way to track your progress as you start to improve your money management skills.

To figure out how much your net worth is all you have to do it is subtract what you owe from the what you have right now. So how do you get those two numbers?

First, you figure out how much you owe. Add up all your debts and try to avoid estimating here. Look at the statements to get the actual number.

Then add up all the money and assets you have. So if you own your home you would include the mortgage with the debt and the home value with your assets. Also, add up all the money you have saved or invested.

Then like I said above subtract your debt from what you owe. The answer is your net worth.

For some of you guys that number might be in the negative. That OK this number is going to be your starting point. You are going to improve your money management and that number will get higher.

If you don’t want to do math all the time you can have your net worth automatically tracked for you. I use YNAB as I also budget with them.

Make sure you are maxing out your employer match

How many people here would like a raise at work? I’m guessing most of you would yes. Now how many of you guys are matching out your employer match?

If you aren’t doing your best to max out your employer match you are leaving money on the table.

Thinking of retirement and setting up your account can be intimidating. But most of you can think of something you can do to start the process.

Reach out to your manager or co-worker, research what the process would look like. Take that first step towards setting up your matching employer account. It’s worth it.

Make a plan to improve your finances

If you are reading this post I’m so happy you are looking to improving your finances. However, money management is more than one time affair it a continual process.

That why the last thing on this list is making a financial plan.

If you eventually want to switch careers. You could prepare your finances for that today by starting an emergency fund.

Be intentional with your money. Put it towards things you care about.

There are a couple of methods I would recommend. The first one is the 1-4-4 rule which is great for short term goal. The second one is a five-year financial plan which is better for long term goals.

If you read this post and took action on even one of these items I’m so proud of you. But don’t let be the only things you do. Make this post just the beginning of you getting better at managing your finances.

P.S. Take your finances up to the next level with a budget. Here how you can do that.

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10 ways to improve your finances today