13 Tips To Save Money On Clothes

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Fashion is fun. You can use clothes to express yourself. And how you dress can impact how you feel.

It can also be pricey which is why today I’m showing you some tips to save money on clothes.

Fast fashion is wrecking the environment. So today I’m not going to be showing you places where you can get new clothes super cheap. And most of the tips shown you can also use while shopping secondhand.

Buy on sales

A very obvious tip but I still want to include it because of how much you can save. That doesn’t mean you should just buy things because they are on sale. Instead, try to be sale smart.

Know when things go on sale. And take advantage of them. Especially for pricier items. Every winter coat I bought has been on sale. And if you wait for the end of season sales you can get things for 50% off.

If you’re wondering when the best time to buy something this post show you when the best time is to buy different articles of clothing.

Use Ebates when shopping online

If you like shopping online use Ebates to save money without giving anything up. Ebates is a cashback site that helps you earn cashback on almost any store.

They offer as much as 40% cashback though that number is usually under 10%. And the best part is it requires little effort. Simply click on their link to activate cash back then continue shopping as usual.

Sign up for Ebates and get $10 added to your account simply for using my link.

And if you’re doing a lot of online shopping you might want to check out my post 7 tips to save money online.

Sign up for store programs

If you love a particular store and shop there a lot considering signing up for their store program.

It can get you additional discounts. Some places offer a longer return policy when you’re part of their store program. To find out what your favourite store offers ask them.

I’m super picky about which stores I sign up because I don’t like being bombarded with e-mails. I won’t sign up unless I shop there frequently. And their store program will help me save money.

Buy secondhand

A great way to save money on clothes is to buy second hand. Plus it better for our planet. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters.

If you’re new to buying things second hand start by checking out consignment stores. They’re easier to shop in as they tend to be laid out better. And carry a more curated collection of clothes.

Lots of consignment stores carry brand names. And depending on the store you can get some really good deals. They are a bit pricier than thrift stores but their still a great place to shop.

Thrift stores can also be a great place to get secondhand clothes. They tend to have a lot more clothes to look through and not all of the clothes are going to be high quality. But the price is a lot cheaper.

Shop Thredup

Even if you prefer to shop online you can still take advantage of secondhand shopping. I like Thredup simply because they have so many options on their site.

It can get hard to look at everything but lucky for you they have good filters. So you can quickly find items you like in your size. Thredup carries big brand names like Prada and Louis Vuitton as well as more mall brands like H&M and Old Navy.

Most things on there are a good deal relative to the retail price but be careful. Because they carry big brand names there are also some pricier things on there. Like a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers, I fell in love with that are over $400.

Garage sales

This tip is a bit more hit and miss but you can find cheap clothes at garage sales. Of course, not all the clothes you find are going to be your size and you might not like everything.

Sometimes if you are lucky you stumble upon garage sale full of cheap clothes that are both your style and your size. Plus since it is a garage sale you can even negotiate the prices down further.

When looking at garage sale ads look for ones that specifically mention clothing in their ad. Then have fun checking out garage sales.

Sell your clothes at consignment stores

A way to get more money to spend on clothes would be to do a closet clean out. Then sell your old clothes in consignment stores. Or you can try a clean out bag from Thredup.

Consignment store wants items in good condition. And every store has its own policy on what it accepts. Check the policy out beforehand and don’t be upset if not all of your clothes make the cut.

Swap clothes with friends

A good way to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money is to do a clothing sway.

Get together with a group of friends. And swap some clothes. Or look if there are any clothing swaps being hosted near you.

If you want some guidelines on how to host a clothing swap check out this post.

Play dress up with your current clothes

A way to save money on clothes is to not buy anymore. Instead, try to wear your current clothes in different ways.

You can make it a challenge. How many ways can you come up with to wear this sweater? And have fun with it. Not all your looks have to be perfect.

This is just a fun way to figure out different ways to wear your clothes. If you find a look you love take a quick selfie so you don’t forget it.

Only buy one

Another way to save money on your clothes is to buy less. And a good way to buy less is to get one good quality thing instead of several cheap variations.

This doesn’t mean everything you buy needs to high quality but try to make sure your closet staples are. Because of no matter what item of clothing we’re talking about.

Having one that fits you well and looks good will do a lot more than a few cheap ones that kinda work.

Take care of your clothes.

Wash them gently. Follow the care instructions. Because once again it cheaper to keep clothes good to be constantly buying new ones.

This can seem like a hassle but simple things like choosing a gentler cycle. Or hanging things out to dry can make a difference.

Also, try to keep clothing care in mind when you’re shopping. I don’t get clothes that need to be dry clean. And if something needs to be iron I have to really love it before buying it.

Fix your current clothes

Another way to save money on clothes is to fix the ones you already have. Instead of replacing them.

There are lots of simple ways to fix your clothing even if you’re aren’t that crafting. Like sewing on a button. Fixing a split seam. Even patching a hole is doable.

I would recommend you go check out the visible mending hashtag on Instagram. There are so many cool things on there.

Tailor your clothes.

Another way to save money on clothes is to learn a few simple ways to tailor your clothes. Especially when buying off sales rack or second-hand, things might not fit perfectly but it a good price.

There are a few simple ways you can change the look of a garment. You could shorten it. Or maybe you need to add length. You can take something in.

There are lots of tips to save money on clothes. And you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to do so. Go have fun with fashion again while saving money.

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