7 Tips to Save Money Shopping Online

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Shopping online is convenient. The stores are always open so you can shop whenever you want too. And since it online you can shop from where ever you want to. You can shop in bed if you want to.

With online shopping on the rise it more important then ever to know how to save money while shopping online. That what today post is about showing you some tips to save money online.


One of the easiest ways to save money online is by using Ebates which is a cashback website. They have a browser extension as well. And once you installed that it will automatically pop up and show you how much cash back you could be earning.

I love E-Bates as it reminds me to use it. Instead of me having to remember them. And it does it without cluttering up my inbox.

You can up to 40% in cashback depending on what store you’re shopping at. Though it is usually under 10%. Ebates also has some pretty good coupons on their website. Sign up for Ebates here and get $10 for setting up your an account.

Take advantage of promotional offers

An easy way to save money with online shopping is to take advantage of store e-mail promotions. There is often a discount for joining a store e-mail list. And many will also offer additional discounts for being on their e-mail list.

Of course signing up for store e-mails tends to mean that you get bombard with e-mails.

I’m an inbox zero person so store e-mails really annoy me. I don’t always want to buy things. I just want the discounts when I need them. So I made a separate e-mail account for stores.

This helps me keep my personal e-mail clutter free. And it stop tempting me to buy all the time.

Occasionally I will go in and just look at some e-mails. But most of the time I just ignore that e-mail account until I need it.

Having a separate e-mail account for store gives me all the benefits with none of the hassles. It is an easy way to save money online.

Always search for coupons before purchasing

Another way tip to save money online is to always be checking for coupons.

Most places will ask you if you having coupons as you check out. Take that as your cue to google coupons for that site.

Depending on the site there might be some good coupons that will save you money. Sometimes there are lots of coupons.

Of course, this doesn’t always work. But it is a low effort way to save money.

Always make sure to look for coupons before purchasing.

Know when stores have their best sales.

For example one of my favourite consignment stores locally has a sale twice a year where everything is 50% off. And while it still a good deal without a sale. I do try to get out there at sale time.

You can do this by really knowing what stores you shop at and how they do sales.

Or you can do this any store by figuring out when things tend to go on sale.

Click here to find out when the best time to buy anything.

Use a cash back credit card to purchase things

If you are responsible with your credit card. And pay it off every month. Get a credit card that will give you cash back with online purchases.

This is a way to help stack your savings. You could potentially save by using a coupon. And then get cash back with Ebates. Plus get cash back by using your credit card.

Only do this is you can pay off your credit card each month. If you struggle to use your credit card wisely DON’T do this. Pay with something else.

If you are responsible with your credit card pick a card that give you the most cashback.

Combine purchases with a friend to save on shipping

Sometimes you can find really great deals while shopping online. And while it may be a great deal it isn’t always after paying for shipping.

Most places will wave the shipping on orders over a hundred. But you might not want to spend a hundred bucks. How can you qualify for free shipping?

A good way to save money on shipping is to order with a friend. Together it is easier to qualify for free shipping. And if you do have to pay shipping you can split that cost.

Pick up in store to not pay shipping

Another tip to save money on shipping is to pick things up in store. And yes this does partially erase the convenience of online shopping.

I tend to do this a lot with shoes. As the local store doesn’t have the best selection. 0’llI order online and ship to store.

When I go to pick them up at the store, I’ll try on my shoes and if they don’t fit I can promptly return them.

It can also be an easy way to do your normal shopping. It a lot easier to pick up the groceries you order on line after work then it is to o go grocery shopping.

Bonus tip: Always know what currency you shopping in

This is a tip for all my Canadian friends. It is so easy to buy things in US dollars. And when the exchange rate isn’t good it makes a big difference.

People get a trip up by this a lot. And it not only when buying from a place in the US. Sometimes you might be on the American website of something we also have in Canada.

For example, you could be booking a hotel online. It is possible even if you are in Canada booking a Canadian place to be on a US site and getting charged in US dollars.

These tips can help you save money but they don’t work unless you use them. So remember them the next time you are doing some online shopping.

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tips to save money online
tips to save money online